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The Engineer's Toolkit

The Engineer's Toolkit is a collection of programs written with the specific aim of reducing the amount of time required to complete the design of secondary steel.

Engineer's Toolkit includes design of members to various Codes and Standards;

  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) (ASD and LRFD)
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) (WSD)
  • British standards institute (BS5950 and Eurocodes)
  • Norwegian petroleum industry (NORSOK)
  • Canadian standards association (S16 steel design)
  • Det Nork Veritas (DNV)

Engineer's Toolkit also includes:

  • Roark rings. Ring analysis using Roark's formulae with the option of using a 2-D plane frame equivalent
  • Roark standard plate stress calculation
  • Plane frame analysis and code checking
  • Ocean wave particle motions and forces on structures
  • Analysis of beams and single degree of freedom oscillators to time-history blast loading
  • Calculation of the geometric properties of any user defined section
  • Stiffened plate to DNV-RP-C201. Specifically for the design of stiffened deck plate
  • Analysis of continuous beams-specifically for deck stringers
  • Vortex induced vibration checks to DNV-RP-C205

To evaluate this application please download and install. A fully functional 30 day trial period will begin when the application is first run.

Toolkit download    (15MB)

The Engineer's Toolkit is available on an annual multi-user license basis and is priced according to the number of users. For pricing details Click here

From time to time individual applications within Toolkit are updated and new applications added.

Check for updates and download from: Toolkit Updates

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