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GWZR model translations

GWZR is a user-friendly Windows application that translates the input data decks of the ASAS, STAAD, ABAQUS and SACS proprietary structural engineering analysis programs.

GWZR has been developed to read and write the most common analysis data cards, as noted below;

  • Node and element geometry
  • Stepped beams and member offsets
  • Member sections: I-beams, channels, angles, boxes, tubes and prismatic definitions
  • Plate elements: quad and triangular shell and membrane elements
  • Truss elements
  • Load types: point loads, member distributed loads and acceleration load cases
  • Boundary conditions
  • Member end releases
  • Multi-point constraint

GWZR can offer significant time savings in the following aspect of primary and secondary steel analysis and design;

  • Transferring linear-elastic analyses to the non-linear regime
  • Updating existing analyses to new formats
  • Re-modelling and analysis of local details
  • Eye-balling third-party analysis data
  • Generating models with a preferred pre-processor, prior to running analysis program

GWZR offers these additional features;

  • Basic model plot routine
  • Generation of yield strength, load step and mass distribution (ABAQUS)
  • Generation of code buckling length code check parameters (ASAS)
  • Global transformation matrix for geometry and loads
  • Reading element section libraries (STAAD and SACS)
  • Animation of sequential bitmaps

Other programs

Contact us for information on translating between CAESAR and ABAQUS.

An evaluation copy is included in the Toolkit installation.
This version will read and plot a full input file but is limited to a 10 member translated output file.
When you purchase the application a licence file will be sent to release the 10 member limit.

Screen shots

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