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Toolkit updates - VB5 compiler version

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There are two methods of updating; (a) installation file or (b) manual file installation.

(a) The UpdateToolkit download contains an update installation file which will update all
applications to their latest version.

To install, simply download and run UpdateToolkit.exe. Install into the existing Toolkit directory.

UpdateToolkit (VB5)

(b) The Latest Executables download zip file contains all updated

To install, simply download, extract and read the READ_ME.doc file.

All latest executables (VB5)

General notifications for Toolkit VB5

16 December 2015
Corrected the shear area for RHS/HSS in AISC 360-10.
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.14 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.12 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)

16 December 2014
Runway beam BS EN 1993-6.       Version 1.0.5. (BSEN1993_6.exe)
Corrected flange ULS check for superimposed wheel loading.

28 April 2014
Runway beam BS EN 1993-6.       Version 1.0.4. (BSEN1993_6.exe)
Corrected calculation of buckling moment to account for load location (now stabilising, was de-stabilising)

8 April 2014
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.13 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.11 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)
Corrected beam analysis form, minor axis bending bug.

7 December 2013
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.12 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.10 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)
Amended the 3 Dec revision to exclude G2.1.(a) as it could give conservative results.

3 December 2013
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.9 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.11 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)
Corrected the application of user define phi and omega values to the shear calculation.

22 November 2013
BS EN ISO 19902-2007.           Version 1.0.7 (BSEN19902_2007.exe)
NORSOK N004 2004.           Version 1.0.9 (Norsok_N004.exe)
Corrected calculation of Qf in joint punching shear

25 September 2013
Norsok N004.         Version 1.0.8 (Norsok_N004.exe). Tidied up screen display for Tubular sections.
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.8 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.10 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)
Added error trapping to the Combinations screen.

10 September 2013
2D Frame.         Version 2.1.6 (2dframe32_2005.exe)
Corrected geometry input for user defined sections. The section shape dropdown was not working correctly.

20 July 2013
Removed the calculation of B1 from AISC 360-10 as reference to B1 has moved from Chapter C2 (360-05) to Appendix 8 (360-10).
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.7 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.9 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)

15 July 2013
Runway beam BS EN 1993-6.       Version 1.0.3. (BSEN1993_6.exe)
Corrected calculation of combined stress check in flange.

27 May 2013
ROARK rings.         Version 2.15.11       Corrected 2D analysis for case 94, some combinations of theta and phase angle fail.

9 May 2013
Fixed a bug introduced in the last update which caused errors when reading the Japanese sections file.
This affects all code checking applications.
API+AISC WSD AISC ASD 1989    Version 2.0.12 (ApiAiscWsd.exe)
API+AISC LRFD (1993/2003)/(1991/2001).              Version 2.0.8 (ApiAiscLrfd.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.6 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.8 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)
Blast.          Version 1.1.10 (Blast.exe)
BS EN 1993-1:2005           Version 2.0.5 (BSEN1993_2005.exe)
NORSOK N-004 2004.          Version 1.0.7 (Norsok_N004.exe)
BS EN 19902:2007.          Version 1.0.6 (BSEN19902_2007.exe)
Canadian standards association, S16-09          Version 1.0.2(CSA_S16.exe)

15 April 2013
Blast.          Version 1.1.9 (Blast.exe)      Corrected calculation of Le for ductile response

BS EN 1993-1:2005           Version 2.0.4 (BSEN1993_2005.exe)
Corrected the calculation of Mcr, buckling moment. This also affects these programs;
NORSOK N-004 2004.          Version 1.0.6 (Norsok_N004.exe)
BS EN 19902:2007.          Version 1.0.5 (BSEN19902_2007.exe)
2D frame analysis.          Version 2.1.5 (2dframe32_2005.exe)

5 April 2013
The display of licence 'Days remaining' restored to the opening form. It was showing zero days following
the 9 Feb 2013 update. (tkomni32.exe)

9 February 2013
US sections file updated to latest AISC sections database. All code checks recompiled to read this file.
Roark rings. Printing of ring loads now corrected (was printing some cases on Hoop load plot).

12 November 2012
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.7 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API Table 4.3-1. Corrected calculation of Qu for X joint with brace in compression.

9 October 2012
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.6 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
Removed bug that used Ω.v as 1.67 when 1.5 was appropriate.
NORSOK N-004 2004.          Version 2.0.5 (Norsok_N004.exe)
Corrected calculation for case of non-hydro load after a hydro load still including the end force (conservative solutions).
BS EN 19902:2007.          Version 1.0.4 (BSEN19902_2007.exe)
Corrected screen display for hydro check results. Printed output is not affected.

29 August 2012
Updated to fix a units bug in angle sections printout. The stresses/moments were always in US units (kips, inches). The code check values are unaffected.
API+AISC WSD AISC ASD 1989    Version 2.0.11 (ApiAiscWsd.exe)
API+AISC LRFD (1993/2003)/(1991/2001).              Version 2.0.7 (ApiAiscLrfd.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.5 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.5 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)

2 August 2012
Updated to fix a bug in the concentrated web loads form (AISC Chapt J10)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.4 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.4 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)

26 July 2012
Toolkit runs under Windows 7 but there is a limitation in that Windows 7 does not support the functionality of users pressing Enter in input boxes and the program performing a 'Tab' to move to the next input box. This functionality exists under XP but under Windows 7 an error occurs.
Unfortunately this affects all the executables. For those not wishing to upgrade, work-arounds are to use the Tab key or to mouse click in the next input box.
As Windows 7 is becoming widely used the decision was made to remove the 'Enter/Tab' functionality and all executables have now been updated accordingly.
To maintain compatibility with future Windows versions all Toolkit code will be ported to VB.NET and will run, with the Enter/Tab functionality restored and other enhancements, under the .NET framework which is part of Windows Server 2003 R2, Vista, 7 and 8. It can also be installed on Windows XP.
This exercise will take some months but once completed Toolkit will then be supported under the .NET framework only; however there will be a period of overlap with both compiler versions being supported.
In the meantime the current code will, of course, be maintained and improved as necessary.

20 July 2012
2D frame analysis.          Version 2.1.3 (2dframe32_2005.exe)       A minor change to the file save routine to allow for the case of long material force density value.

17 July 2012
The following have been updated to remove a bug on the selection of grade 235 steel and printing the summary code check results from the beam analysis form.
Norsok 2004               Version 1.0.3 (Norsok_N004.exe)
BS EN 19902:2007           Version 1.0.2 (BSEN19907_2007.exe)
BS EN 1993-1 :2005 (EC3)          Version 2.0.2 (BSEN1993_2005.exe)

7 July 2012
Two new programs are now added to the Toolkit suite:

  • Canadian standards association, S16-09 'Design of steel structures' (CSA_S16.exe, CSAS1609.chm)
  • Eurocode 3: BS EN 1993-6:2007 'Crane supporting structures' (BSEN1993_6.exe). This is the replacement for BS 2853 (Runway beams) which was withdrawn in 2011.

Norsok N004 2004 now uses Eurocode 3:2005 (was using EC3:1992) for non-tubular sections (Norsok_N004.exe)
Toolkit main app now 4.0.14 (tkomni32.exe)

26 June 2012
The programs below have had the following functionality added. There is no change to the basic calculations.

  • Check of webs under concentrated loading
  • Ability to code check load combinations
  • Revised Analysis form to include minor axis loading
  • Ability to modify the AISC 360 resistance and safety factors (phi and omega)

API+AISC WSD AISC ASD 1989    Version 2.0.9 (ApiAiscWsd.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 ASD.           Version 3.2.2 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.2 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)

5 June 2012
Blast.          Version 1.1.7       BMD values display now cleared when response changes from elastic to plastic. There is no change to the calculation method.
Roark.          Version 2.15.9       Calculation of curved beam factors corrected. The value of natural log e was truncated to 4 decimal places giving slightly conservative (+2%) values for ki, ko. There is no change to the calculation method.

27 Mar 2012
Corrected the shear calculation for AISC angle section when using SI load units.
This affects all AISC code checks.
API+AISC WSD AISC ASD 1989    Version 2.0.8 (ApiAiscWsd.exe)
API+AISC LRFD (1993/2003)/(1991/2001).          Version 2.0.5 (ApiAiscLrfd.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 WSD.           Version 3.2.1 (ApiAisc2005wsdUS.exe)
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.1 (ApiAisc2005LrfdUS.exe)
Corrected the some force conversion factors in the 'Convert units' form. Toolkit main app now 4.0.13
Toolkit     Version 4.0.13 (tkomni32.exe).

11 Feb 2012.
Complex section.          Version 1.0.6       Bug in arc of circle input corrected.
Toolkit main app now 4.0.12

8 Feb 2012
API-AISC WSD     version 2.0.7 (ApiAiscWsd.exe); AISC ASD 1989. Corrected the flags bug for fabricated sections

26 Jan 2012
API-AISC WSD     version 2.0.6 (ApiAiscWsd.exe); AISC ASD 1989. Corrected the combination of axial and bending on slender webs for F1.2.
Option now provided for user to select method of calculating radius of gyration (the method given in Chapter F1.3 or that given in the commentary).

Code checks. A section data file for the ArcelorMittal range of Japanese sections is included in the update (Sect_JIS.dat).

18 Oct 2011
2D frame (2dframe32_2005.exe); The previously issued version had a flag inadvertantly turned on which prevented code checks. This has now been turned off. The version number is unchanged.

18 Sept 2011
Waveload              Version 1.0.14 ;     Velocity normal to the wave surface corrected for cases that include current.
Code checks. The ability to print summary checks from the beam analysis form in code check apps has been restored and now also reports effective lengths.

2 Sept 2011
Section data files SECT_US.dat and SECT_EU.dat updated.
The original SECT_US did not have minor axis eo values for channels, these are now added.
The original SECT_EU.dat was derived from the then current Arbed catalogue which contained incorrect minor axis plastic modulus values for UPN channels. These are now corrected.

1 June 2011
For ANSI/AISC 360, Added singly symmetric I shape code check and updated to 360-10.
The only difference between 360-05 and 360-10 (for Toolkit calculations) is the re-ordering of table B4.1
API+ANSI/AISC 360 WSD.           Version 3.2.0
API+ANSI/AISC 360 LRFD.          Version 3.2.0
Waveload               Version 1.0.13    Added error checking to simplify loading of section data files

5 Mar 2011.
Blast.          Version 1.1.6       Effective ductility for upward blast corrected. Static load displacement corrected (when mass pattern not the same as blast). BMD construction amended to account for differing mass and blast loading patterns. BMD scaled for ductility and an explanatory button added.

26 Feb 2011.
Blast.          Version 1.1.5       Geometric properties for beams with deck plate corrected; it was producing reduced values. Beams without deckplate were not affected.

19 Feb 2011.
Toolkit main app.          Version 4.0.11       Opening message box for version checking bug fixed (displayed 'False').

19 Feb 2011.
Blast.          Version 1.1.4       Shears and displacement for upwards blast, signs corrected.
Dynamic shears corrected, were defaulting to plastic response. Help file (Blast.chm) updated.

16 Feb 2011.
All apps recompiled to fix bug on Printing Data form, 'clear all data' button error.

13 Feb 2011.
Blast.          Version 1.1.3       New loadcases added; Cantilever and fixed ended with point loads.
API WSD 2007 (Joint check). Recompiled to add tooltip in joint check clarifying Allowable Stress Factor.

1 Feb 2011.
For AISC 2005, channel sections, 'divide by zero' bug fixed.
API/AISC WSD 2007/2005.                  Version 3.1.7      
API/AISC LRFD (1993/2003)/2005.          Version 3.1.5      

27 Jan 2011.
Blast.          Version 1.1.2       The direction of dynamic shear for upward loading corrected. Printing modified to stop over-printing of plots.
All code check apps using Beam analysis form re-compiled to tidy up printing of near zero values.

20 Jan 2011.
All code check apps using Beam analysis form re-compiled to remove error generated by UDL loading. This error was introduced in the update of 19 Jan.

19 Jan 2011.
Complex section.          Version 1.0.5       Bug in theta setting for rectangles corrected.
Toolkit main app now 4.0.10
All apps re-compiled to ensure the registered user is displayed in the Help/About menu

31 Dec 2010.
Complex section.          Version 1.0.4       Units functionality added. Editable grid corrected
ROARK rings.         Version 2.15.8      Editable grid added to loading form.

27 Dec 2010.
Complex section.          Version 1.0.4       Units functionality added.
For the API/AISC apps below. Hydrostatic units corrected. Previous version (WSD) gave conservative results.
API/AISC WSD 2000/(1989/2001).          Version 2.0.5      
API/AISC WSD 2007/2005.               Version 3.1.6      
API/AISC LRFD (1993/2003)/(1991/2001).          Version 2.0.4      
API/AISC LRFD (1993/2003)/2005.          Version 3.1.4      

18 Dec 2010.
Complex section.          Version 1.0.3       Printing of arc section shape components corrected.
This app is part of Toolit main app which is therefore also revised, to 4.0.9
The functionality to set network printers added to the more significant apps.

15 Dec 2010.
2D frame.           Version 2.1.2       Application of self weight on sloping members corrected.

9 Dec 2010.
Blast.          Version 1.1.1       Display of damping % corrected for user SDOF response.

27 Nov 2010.
Blast.         Version 1.1.0       Added a new code check (sub) tab. Clarified printed output and added more information to the 'Calculation details'

5 Nov 2010.
ROARK rings.         Version 2.15.7      Minor tweak to plotting.

10 Aug 2010.
ROARK rings.         Version 2.15.6       Von Mises printing options now include printing to MS Word. No change to calculation methods.

5 August 2010.
BS EN 1993 2005.          Version 2.0.1.      Error 457 corrected.
BS EN 19902 2007.          Version 1.0.1       Error 457 corrected.

10 July 2010
Toolkit (4.0.8) now checks for any updates when first starting.

8 May 2010
All applications have been modified to use HTML (CHM) help files.
This does not change the working of the applications, just the help code.